Are you planning a ground disturbance project? Here is what you need to know about Alberta One Call and what we can do to help.

Alberta One Call is the interface between the digging community and the operators of buried facilities. Their job is to prevent underground utility damage and facilitate communication between utility owners and you, the ground disturber. It is always a good idea to call Alberta One Call before starting any kind of digging project to prevent damage to underground facilities, but placing ground disturbance tickets, managing data submission, and fielding endless phone calls from responses can be time-consuming and tedious.

As part of our ground disturbance planning and line locating services, Central Line Locating specializes in Alberta One Call response management to provide you with peace of mind, streamline your project, and help you maximize your productivity, so give us a call!

We will:

  • Submit locate requests to have buried utilities identified and marked on your behalf
  • Look after all utility owner responses to locate requests and track down outstanding responses from utility owners
  • Manage all data submission
  • Keep all underground pipeline information current and accurate
  • Manage your Alberta One Call ticket
  • Pre-screen facilities and mark
  • Perform line locating services and mark facilities according to industry colour coding procedures
  • Notify utility owners of any work that may affect utilities

Call us to get started on your next project.